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Josh Kiszka #4761

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* not available until November 25, 2023
What this kitten went through, before arriving at PAWS Animal Shelter,  brought our team to tears.  Knowing that he will live "Happily Ever After" is what makes it bearable.  
This is his story:
A local teacher was heading to her car when she saw a car pull up to the dumpsters.  The driver of the car retrieved a box from the trunk of her car.  As he neared the dumpster,  the teacher thought he was about to dump personal garbage, and yelled at him.
the man dropped the box, spilling kittens onto the blacktop.  He jumped into his car and as he tried to get away,  the tires of his car ran over the top of this tiny 6 week old baby.
The teacher scooped up the kittens and took them home.  No one expected this tiny boy to be alive in the morning, but he was.  
A team member from PAWS picked him up and got him in for an Emergency Vet Visit.  They took him straight into surgery.  The pressure of the tire caused the internal lining to rupture, from the base of his neck to his tail, and released his internal organs and intestine into the body cavity.
The good news is that the skilled surgeon was able to stitch the entire length of the hernia.  His internal organs were not harmed, except for a small bruise on his kidney.
Life Saving Surgery is not cheap.  Emergency Surgery is even more expensive.
If you can donate towards this babies care - please do. . .  The donations will help this little man, and others like him.


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